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Red Thai Crab - Thai Crab - Red Clawed Crab - Sesarma Bidens

Description: Though related to shrimp and lobsters, Crabs are different in that they walk sideways amongst other things. They are able to stay under water as well as burrow in the sand without much difficulty. They have 8 legs with 2 big red claws or ‘pincers’ which they use for grabbing food. When fully mature they average 3-4cm. They have antennae and 2 fully functional eyes. They have a hardened shell which is also a skeleton and has a brown camouflage appearance. Their teeth are placed in their stomachs. They seem to alternate between living under water and on the surface. Their diet consists of dead leaves, plants, worms (earthworms), fungi, plankton and detritus. The lifespan of Freshwater Red Crabs is 3-4 years or even longer if cared for properly. Each Crab will need about 30cm square

Common Name: Red Claw Crab / Thai Crab / Mangrove Crab
Proper Name: Pseudosesarma moeshi or Sesarma Bidens
Country Origin: Asia
Diet: Omnivore - Scavenger
Size: 10cm Maximum with legs
Water Temperature: 24 to 27c
Reproduction: Eggs (Will not breed in home Aquarium)

NB: Due to natural variations in livestock, supplied specimens may differ slightly from the pictured specimen.


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