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1x Panther Crab Tropical Crab *Parathelphusa pantherina*

Due to natural differances Colours may varied from photo of crab

Parathelphusa pantherina

There are at least two great reasons for adding aquarium crabs to your tank. Crabs help to maintain water quality and they are fascinating to watch. Crabs are scavengers; they eat dead and decaying organic matter including dyeing plants. When you spill too much fish feed into your aquarium the crabs will help you out by eating the excess. An additional benefit is the incredible color crabs can add like the Red Apple Crab or the Purple Vampire Crab. They are also fascinating creatures to watch as they move about your tank foraging.


Crabs make an interesting addition to freshwater aquariums. They enjoy shrimp pellets but they will eat various fish foods. They will eat almost anything including fish carcasses. You might joke that they are the "goats" of the aquarium. When you decide to supplement your aquarium crab?s diet, try sinking Hikari Crab pellets as well as Hikari Algae Wafers.

As far as habitat is concerned you may want to provide several places for your aquarium crab to hide. They enjoy hiding so make sure to offer plenty of shelters, especially if you have more than one crab. Don't be surprised if your crab tries to move gravel around on the bottom of the tank to form mounds or valleys to simulate a burrow. This makes them a lot of fun to watch and interesting members of your tank. You will want to keep you?re a good lid on the aquarium because crabs may try to climb out and will not survive outside.

Aquarium crabs aren?t as hard to keep as you may initially think. One of the most important things you need to consider is to make sure not to keep more than one or two in a small tank (less than 25 gallons). They can be very aggressive and maim each other, especially when they molt. Many people think they are too aggressive to keep with fish, but many crabs such as the Panther crab do well with small fast fish like Tetras, Neons or Guppies.





Common Name: Panther Crab
Proper Name: Parathelphusa pantherina
Country Origin: Indonesia, Sulawesi
Diet: Omnivore - Scavenger
Size: 7cm Maximum with legs
Water Temperature: 24 to 30c
Reproduction: Eggs


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