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Java Moss

Description: Dark green to brownish in colour. It has long flowing strands that contain many small leaves. Grows in clumps and easily attached to bog wood, rocks or grown like a carpet over the substrate. Java moss can be grown completely submersed, immersed or terrestrially in damp conditions.

Common Name: Java Moss

Proper Name:  Vesicularia Dubyana

Category: Moss

Country Origin: South East Asia

Temperature: 15 - 28 C

Lighting: Medium

Growth Rate: Medium / Fast

Difficulty: Easy

Position in Aquascape: Floating / Attached to bog wood/ Rocks

Propagation: by Cutting


Microsorum Pteropus "Java Fern"


Description: This variety of Java fern flares at the leaf  top instead of tapering to a point. A very hardy slow growing plant, adult plants may grow up to 10 inches or more.


Common Name: Java Fern

Proper Name:  Microsorum Pteropus

Category: Fern

Country Origin: South East Asia

Temperature: 15 - 30 C

Lighting: Low / Medium

Growth Rate: Slow

Difficulty: Easy

Position in Aquascape: Mid Ground / Attached to bog wood or rocks

Propagation: Daughter plant grown from leaf edges


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