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1x Aegagrophila Linnael Marimo on Lava Rock


Cold water or Tropical water

co2 or no co2
High Light or Low ligh

Description: Aegagrophila Linnael is a type of algae that comes from Lake Akan in Japan. It's just known as Marimo in Japan, it gets it's name from Mari meaning "ball" in Japanese and "mo" refers to algae in Japanese. The Algae grows in a weird pattern which causes it to become tangled up, which ten creates a ball. The tangling starts from the inside and grows out. Marimo balls are considered a treasure in Japan and that's why it's featured on many items in Japan

Great for getting rid of pond algae and algae in the aquarium because the moss ball out competes the algae for nutrients since they have similar diets. Also in your pond drop a couple in and let them remove nutrients that cause that ugly green water. This will also let you get rid of algae the natural way.

Shrimps and Thai Micro Crabs Love them as they hold a good food source for them.


Common Name: Blanket Moss

Proper Name: Chladophora aegagropila, Aegagrophila Linnael

Category: Moss

Country Origin: Northern Hemisphere

Temperature: 15 - 30 C

Lighting: Medium to high

Growth Rate: Slow (5mm Per Year)

Maximum size: 30cm

Difficulty: Easy

Position in Aquascape: Foreground

Propagation: Division (Rarely by Spores)


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