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1x 5 to 6 cm Golden Tropical Mussel - Tropical Freshwater Mussel


The Pilsbryoconcha is one of the classic mussels kept in the aquarium, it is widely used not only for decoration or for general enrichment of Aquarium but also target an additional bio filter and the removal of algae. They prefer sand or fine gravel as a substrate to dig partially. Tank mates tropical freshwater mussel with most fish, shrimp, snails and mussels is no problem. Best not to be kept with large, aggressive or carnivorous fish. Crayfish (Lobsters), Crabs Large crabs can open the shell and eat them and puffer fish will attack them.

Common Name: Golden Tropical Mussel - Tropical Freshwater Mussel
Scientific Name: Pilsbryoconcha
Diet: This Mussel is a micro filter feeder and will filter out debris in the water. Finely Crushed clam pellets or shrimp pellets can be used.
Size: 20 cm Maximum
Country of Origin: Eastern and South-eastern Asia
Water Temperature: 18 to 28c (Higher Temperatures will increase life span)
Reproduction: Unknown

The Mussel shell usually only opens a few millimeters when feeding.

When dead the shell opens up to 90 degrees and smells


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