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1x Golden Clam - Golden Freshwater Clam

The golden clam is found in Japan, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and parts of Eastern Russia. They have been introduced in to Northern America and Europe. Light golden brown with darker brown streaks throughout the shell. The inside of the shell often shows a slight purple tint. Most fish can be kept with clams but best not to be kept with large, aggressive or carnivorous fish. Crayfish (Lobsters), Crabs and puffer fish will attack them.

Common Name: Golden Clam, Golden Freshwater Clam, Asian Clam, Asiatic Clam, Good Luck Clam, Prosperity Clam
Scientific Name: Corbicula Fluminea
Diet: This clam is a micro filter feeder and will filter out debris in the water. Finely Crushed clam pellets or shrimp pellets can be used.
Size: 5 cm Maximum
Country of Origin: Eastern and South-eastern Asia
Water Temperature: 18 to 28c (Higher Temperatures will increase life span)
Reproduction: These clams are self fertilizers and will produce eggs and then sperm.


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