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Unrelated to Ramshorn Snail, Actually a kind of apple snail one with a plan spiral shell. They are distinguished by having an operculum by which they can close themselves into their shell, two pairs of tentacles, separate gender, and a siphon on the left side. Its shell is yellowish, with brown stripes running the length of the shell.

Common Name: Giant Ramshorn snail, Giant Colombian Ramshorn Snail
Proper Name: Marisa Cornuarietis
Diet: Omnivore - Scavenger (Preferring rotting vegetation / fish food)
Size: 4cm Maximum delivery size approx 1cm
Water Temperature: 5 to 30c
Reproduction: Male / Female sex - Gelatinous eggs clutch laid on most submerged surfaces Aprox 12 to 40 days to hatch.


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