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Flame Moss"Taxiphyllum Sp” 5 gram Portion"

They are perfect for giving fish shade, cover to hide/rest under and hiding places for fish fry.

Nano Tanks my Micro Crabs and shrimps love this moss 

Description:  Another new Taxiphyllum species available recently in our aquarium shop. It is being named as Flame Moss, most probably due to the growth pattern of the shape of the submersed fronds. The Flame Moss is a very interesting moss as the 'fronds' do not branch out extensively like the other Taxiphyllum species, but grow straight up. The fronds start to twist as it grows and this makes it looks like the flame of a candle.

Common Name: Flame Moss

Proper Name:  Taxiphyllum Sp

Category: Moss

Country Origin: unknown

Temperature: 24 - 29 C

Lighting: Low to High

Growth Rate: Slow / Medium

Difficulty: Easy

Position in Aquascape: Foreground / Attached to Wood / Rocks

Propagation: by Cutting



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