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Eriocaulon Cinereum Potted like Picture 3

A very stunning and unique plant when grown to its glory in the aquarium, even when it is trying to flower in the right setting. Propagation is easy for a healthy plant, it will produced new plants around the crown, and/or along the stem, it can also produce new plants from its tentacles/drum stick, not always but it can as pictured, when it does, let it form roots then snip and plant. When it starts to split from the crown you will see it starting to grow more plants out from the main stem, I have gotten as many as 5 or 6 out of one. It takes patience to separate, do not try to do it to early, let the plant grow like that for awhile until it is obviously two or more plants, during this time especially I will frequently uproot it (once every week or so) with a bucket of water and plenty of light gently peal away the bottom layer of leaves around the plant keeping it clean until it's visible that their are separate plants, I use a sharp pocket knife but a razor blade will work too, gently slice between the plant being cut and the main cluster, you can keep doing this as long as it is visibly another plant, dip in water and gently knead the roots apart, clean the plant, peal away any damaged leave and cut the roots, I leave a little more than half, replant,. Once you do it this way a few times, you get fairly good at it and will begin to see how easy it is to propagate this plant, just takes patience.

Common Name: Eriocaulon Cinereum

Proper Name: Eriocaulon Cinereum

Category: Rosette Plant

Country Origin: Asia

Temperature: 19 - 29 C

Lighting: Low to High

Growth Rate: Slow

Maximum size: 30cm

Difficulty: Easy

Position in Aquascape: Foreground

Propagation: Division



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