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1x Female Red Claw or Blue Crayfish 6" Inches long + claws

Breeding Age

(Lobster for human consumption if you want!!)

Cherax quadricarinatus

The only legal crayfish allowed in the UK

Description: This species is native to freshwater creeks and water bodies in tropical Queensland, the Northern Territory and south-eastern Papua New Guinea. It has been widely translocated around the world, and is considered an invasive species. This species has established feral populations in South Africa, Mexico, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.The Blue Lobsters colour intensifies as the crayfish matures. Because of their selective breeding, they will not loose their coloration, except in times of stress. They may arrive in a brown coloration due to the stress of shipping, but will eventually regain their blue coloration.

The Blue Lobster is a scavenger, that WILL eat all of the left over food your fish miss, as well as detritus and other waste off the bottom of your aquarium. Although this lobster will eat dead or dying fish as well, it is normally too slow to catch healthy fish.

Common Names: Australian red claw crayfish, Queensland red claw, redclaw, tropical blue crayfish, yabby and freshwater blueclaw crayfish
Proper Name: Cherax quadricarinatus
Country Origin:: Australia
Diet: Omnivore - Scavenger  Will eat just about anything but it is important to remember that the majority of their diet is be vegetable. There are specialist foods available but mine have done well on a combination of catfish pellets, any flake food that will sink to the bottom, the odd plant, peas courgette, cucumber, carrots and Bloodworm\fish occasionally as treats.
Size: 20cm Maximum (Male)
Water Temperature: 15 to 30c
Reproduction: Females, which are smaller than males, spawn 300–800 olive-green eggs per brood, which are fertilised from a spermatophore which the male has deposited at the base of her walking legs (pereiopods) during mating. Fertilised eggs are affixed to the female's pleopods, situated on the underside of the tail. Incubation takes approximately six weeks and the newly hatched
juveniles rapidly become independent.


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