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Assassin Snail - Killer Snail - Bumble Bee - Clea Helena

 1.5 to 2cm Approximately

These are Kept snail only Aquariums

Snails can carry  fish diseases for up to 3 months be aware when buying surplus snails from sellers who keeps them in with their fish......

The Assassin Snail has a conical shell with shades of yellow and black stripes that resemble a bumblebee hence the name Bumblebee snail. The Assassin Snail removes unwanted snails without the use of chemicals is an ironic solution to the problem of snails (Malaysian Trumpet Snail, Ramshorn Tadpole snails to name a few) over-running an aquarium . Assassin snails has the ability to hunt down and kill other snails of similar size or smaller (I have some in with my apple snails) and literally suck it out of its shell. Assassin snails are not fast breeders.

Common Name: Assassin Snail / Killer Snail / Bumble Bee snail
Proper Name: Clea Helena
Country Origin: South East Asia
Diet: Feeds primarily on snail but also eats bloodworm, Wafers, algae tablets and catfish pellets.
Size: 2.5cm Maximum
Water Temperature: 22 to 27c
Reproduction: Male and female sexes produce a single egg deposited on solid objects. Hatching takes a few weeks but about 6 months before the juveniles are big enough about 8mm before seen active on the surface.


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