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Item #: 1x Red Onion Nerite Snail
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1x Red Onion Nerite Snail *Vittina Semiconica* Algae Eater

colours spot etc will differ from picture due to nature


Description: The Red Onion Nerite Snail is one of the most, if not the most, popular nerite snail in the Aquatic hobby. Its coloration is a beautiful orange / red shell with black dots.

Common Name: Red Onion Snail - Orange track Snail - Polka Dot Snail
Proper Name: Vittina semiconica (Nerite Sp)
Diet: Omnivore voracious - Scavenger (Voracious algae eater)
Size: 2.5cm Maximum
Country of Origin: Indonesia
Water Temperature: 17 to 27c
Reproduction: Will breed in brackish waters only.Aquarists have not had much luck breeding Nerites. Many species simply do not lay eggs under aquarium conditions, and on the few occasions where it has been reported, only rarely have baby snails been produced. Nerites cannot reproduce without mating first.


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